SAP® Solution Editions

Solution editions of SAP® Learning Hub are one of the fastest routes to solution-specific success, accelerating onboarding, software adoption, and proficiency for everyone involved in implementation and deployment.

Our online SAP training is a comprehensive platform that offers 24x7 access to tailored digital learning resources within one of eight SAP solution portfolios—SAP S/4HANA® Cloud, cloud and data platforms, procurement and networks, analytics, customer engagement and commerce, IoT and digital supply chain, human resources, and finance.

You will also have unlimited 24x7 access to a wealth of self-paced learning resources – video tutorials, knowledge assessments, delta training, soft-skills e-books, and more—as well as progress-monitoring tools. Plus, you get hands-on training to fully functioning software with 10 hours of access on the SAP Live Access portal.


  • Accelerate and maintain SAP solution with specific proficiency
  • Take full advantage of new SAP software features and functionality
  • Increase adoption and productivity
  • Reduce per-learner training cost


  • Gain end-to-end, solution-specific enablement for various roles and skill levels
  • Fuel business innovation
  • Become a subject-matter expert capable of delivering transformational results
  • Maximize your software return on investment

Your Learning Style at Your Pace

Your access to the SAP Learning Hub offers you effective training choices and tools suited for all learners—whatever your natural learning style or approach may be.

Learning Journeys — Visual, interactive guides detailing the recommended route to gain full competence, or expand your skills, for specific roles and SAP solutions. In mapping out a complete pathway, Learning Journeys also indicate digital elements of a blended learning strategy.

E-Learning Courses — Access self-paced online courses covering a variety of popular SAP solution topics. Each includes highly effective learning components such as recorded expert instruction modules and real-world simulations. Learn entirely online, at your own pace, and on your own schedule.

SAP Live Access — On-demand, hands-on access to live, fully configured versions of SAP software applications for practicing on your own. Work through exercises and refine your skills in a secure and private real-world environment, separate from your company’s production instance of the application. SAP Live Access is an add-on purchase option exclusively for SAP Learning Hub subscribers.

SAP Learning Rooms — Social learning forums for exchanging ideas, skills, and tips with peers, and getting advice and guidance from SAP solution experts through live sessions and Q&A. SAP Learning Rooms also include video tutorials, best-practice documentation, and study materials for certification exams for SAP software.

E-Books — Online e-books for introductory to advanced courses. Compatible with all desktop and mobile devices, our e-books feature completion tracking, study time logging, bookmarking, and many other capabilities to ease and enhance self-learning.