Most local businesses use one or more global software to run their business, such as Quick Books, CRM, ERP, Google Suite, Forms and Sheets, Excel, TimeSheet, Calendar, AskNicely, ….ohh my gosh….and more.

When we assess these local businesses to see if:
  • Are they getting all they need from these different solutions?
  • Does their customer support is personalized, do they know the person they refer to?
  • Are all those different solutions are integrated and have one entry-point, i.e., an information you enter in a given software never needs to be re-entered in another one?

  • Can they streamline their way of doing business, their D.N.A, completely or at least, largely?
  • Do they have a knowledge base dashboard created according and tailor made to their business needs?

The assessments report shows that almost 100% of the business owners or managers answer NO to all these 5 questions. If you are one of them, please, contact us. We will help you change all these response to YES, grow your business, your way, your DNA.


Our approach to your business follows the following process:
  • Design and Review Your Workflow
  • Identify with you Bottle Necks, Cost Saving, Integration (streamline), and growth/expansion points.
  • Assess your Return On Investment
  • Map Forms, Tools, and information base you have
  • Present a Service Proposal that makes business sense to you.
    • a. Including a Management Dashboard



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